Catchment health reports

Biodiversity Blueprint 2016

It has been 10 years since the H11 H12 Catchment Health Report was undertaken, and there have been many environmental, social and economic changes across the catchment. The Biodiversity Blueprint provides an update on the health of the catchment and will assist with the management of the H11 H12 catchment into the future. The Biodiversity Blueprint can be accessed here.

H11 H12 Catchment Health Report 2006

The H11 H12 Catchment Health Report (pdf) was prepared in 2006 by Dion Gervasi and the main objective was to review all the information relating to waterway health, land use and management within the Fiery and Salt Creeks as well as Lake Bolac, known as H11 & H12 sub-catchments, to identify knowledge gaps and enable the community and government agencies to coordinate activities that would lead to improved health of the sub-catchment.

The report concluded that the predicted change in the climate and rainfall patterns would necessitate a cooperative approach to the management of the catchments water resources and provided a number of recommendations in an attempt to achieve this.  The Beyond Bolac Catchment Action Group took up the challenge to implement the recommendations from the report.

Health of the Catchment Report 2002

The Glenelg Hopkins CMA produced this comprehensive report back in 2002 (pdf). It gives background information to the condition of a range of determiners of our catchment health, including for climate, soils, water and biota.