What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is more than the sum of the different species that live in an area, as if it were some sort of stamp collection. Biodiversity includes all the species, plus all of the genetic variation between individuals, as well as their interactions with each other and with their surrounding environment. What has biodiversity got to do with us? It is responsible for putting the oxygen into the air that we breathe and for creating the soil that we farm. Something to think about – globally an increase of 5% in the area protected for non human nature would triple the biodiversity conservation effectiveness (Pollock et al., 2017. Nature).

Biodiversity in the H11 H12 catchments

What is the range of iconic species that have been recorded in our catchments? The Atlas of Living Australia website brings together information about the characteristics and status of different species, and the exact locations across Australia where they have been observed. It is a collaborative project which contains 67 million records. New sightings can be submitted by individuals who log in.


Information and a series of links about brolgas can be found here.


Platypuses have been recorded in the Fiery Creek as recently as in 2010, including in the reach between Streatham and Lake Bolac. They are more common further upstream. Recently there has been a growing call for the need to look after our platypuses.

Southern Pygmy Perch

This fish is listed as endangered in NSW and is protected in South Australia. It has been recorded throughout the Fiery Creek, especially in the lower reaches several years ago.