Lakes and Blooms of Algae

algaeLake Bolac is more than just a basin containing water. In a social sense it is a place of recreation and scenic beauty, and occasionally a water supply in the past.

However, in a biological sense, it is habitat for a huge diversity of birds and fish, invertebrates, plants and algae.

Most people only see the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in relation to the living things that occupy the lake: the fish and birds. The rest of the ‘iceberg’ are the things that fish and birds eat: invertebrates (critters, worms and bugs in the water), and what they eat: plants and algae. Click here to read this one-pager – Lakes and Blooms of algae

Birds Feeding on Lake Bolac

As Lake Bolac dried down in 2008 it became a feeding place for a huge number of water birds. It looks like the Lake is currently in the same state. (Photos by Michelle Casanova)

Birds feeding on Lake BolacBirds feeding on Lake Bolac