Wongan Creek Threatened Species Project – DEWLP Threatened Species Round 2 funding was obtained to fence and reveg Wongan Creek, as part of a landscape scale approach to protecting habitat for Brolgas. This project will occur in 2016/7.

Upper Hopkins Riparian Habitat Corridors
– Caring for our Country grant 2012, to enhance ten kilometres of riparian vegetation along key sections of the Fiery Creek using tubestock planting, direct seeding, fencing to control grazing, and weed control. The project aims to increase the quality of riparian habitat and augment natural regeneration.

Mapping biodiversity – A grant from The Norman Wettenhall Foundation will go towards mapping flora and fauna in the catchment.  This mapping exercise will produce an overview of environmental assets in the area.  Knowing what creatures and plants are around will help when seeking investment into conservation activities.  So get involved – go to the maps section and click on the button for the interactive mapper.  Sign up, log in, enter your data.

Fiery Creek Fencing – If you would like to participate in fencing the Fiery Creek and tributaries, please contact Anthony for details.

Chinaman Swamp Catchment Salinity Survey – This project was initiated by the H11 and H12 Community Action Group to investigate ground water presence in this sub-catchment in an attempt to quality and quantify a saline intrusion into Fiery Creek, South of Westmere.  The preliminary survey was funded by Watershed 2000 with very interesting results.  The new stage of the project was funded by the RE Ross Trust Small Victorian Rural Grant Scheme through The Norman Wettenhall Foundation.

‘HERO’ funding – The ‘HERO’ program 2009/10 will address ripian vegetation and biodiversity, protecting a further 15-20km of streamsides.  This project is partly managed by the CMA and implemented by the facilitator.