Habitat Restoration Project Audit

BBCAG successfully applied for $10,000 from The Wettenhall Trust to undertake a Habitat Restoration Project Audit within the Fiery Creek and Salt Creek Catchment area throughout 2019/2020. This project will assess previous habitat restoration projects undertaken within the catchment in the last 10 years, and gather information on how successful the revegetation has been and complete flora and fauna assessments on those project areas. BBCAG will use and share this information to implement future habitat restoration projects across the catchment. The project will also acknowledge & celebrate landholders who have implemented inspiring habitat restoration projects with BBCAG over the years.

If you have worked with BBCAG to undertake an on-ground project in the last 10 years you may be contacted in the coming months to be involved with the project. For further information about the project, or if you would like your project to be included in the audit, please contact BBCAG Facilitator Jileena Cole on 0428341869 or email beyondbolac@outlook.com.