Fencing and Revegetation

Fiery Creek restoration 2014-15 – A GHCMA web page which summarises collaborative restoration works being undertaken in the upper reaches of the Fiery Creek

Upper Hopkins Riparian Habitat Corridors РCaring for our Country grant 2012, to enhance ten kilometers of riparian vegetation along key sections of the Fiery Creek using tubestock planting, direct seeding, fencing to control grazing, and weed control. The project aims to increase the quality of riparian habitat and augment natural regeneration.

‘HERO’ funding – The ‘HERO’ program 2009/10 addressed riparian vegetation and biodiversity, protecting a further 15-20km of streamsides. ¬†This project was partly managed by the CMA and implemented by the facilitator.

Fiery Creek Fencing – If you would like to participate in fencing the Fiery Creek and tributaries, please contact Jileena for details.